Why learning with us?

  • At CISK, we have a talented and dedicated international faculty, fully committed to delivering a high-quality educational experience for every student. We follow the Cambridge curriculum where technology is an important component of our educational programme.
  • Our teachers are professional and passionate educators. CISK students benefit from a range of teaching styles and approaches that are progressive, student-centred, and reflective of international best-practices. Our teachers are collegial, supportive and eager to share. We expect our teachers to be life-long learners eager to embrace opportunities for on-going professional development and training.  
  • We continuously seek ways to ensure our classrooms remain dynamic learning communities where the joy of learning, achievement and success is evident and celebrated.
  • Beyond the classroom, CISK offers exciting extra-curricular activities, coaching and school trips in our continuous attempt to look for ways to help students reach their highest potential. 
  • CISK School is proud of its reputation for being a warm and friendly family-orientated school. As teachers, we believe in building positive relationships with our parents and value the strong sense of partnership that exists between home and school.

Opportunities for learners to develop values and attitudes are as important as the development of skills and factual knowledge, so that learners can:

* develop and maintain a positive self-esteem
* follow a healthy and safe lifestyle
* show and know success in a variety of ways
* be polite and considerate of others
* be active and critical members of a global society
* articulate their own opinions and needs 

All learners are given equal opportunity in learning by providing a curriculum that meets the needs of every learner in a relevant, flexible and responsive way, so that learners can: 

* be engaged in making decisions about their own learning
* be responsible, honest, caring and confident
* use technology efficiently and ethically 

Our aim is that our learners will:

* value diversity in our local and global societies
* value and respect themselves, family and others around them
* value and protect the environment in which we live
* recognise roles and responsibilities as members of a global society through understanding their own values and attitudes
* be responsible, honest, and caring
* develop and maintain a high self-esteem 


Waziran, Erbil, Iraq.


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